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Single mother Chrissy Kensington Bennett returns home to Moon Lake to bury her uncle.

Sad, but simple. Right?




Not when there's an ancient evil running things. 

Meeting an immortal or two, fighting evil and raising her girls just may be the new normal for Chrissy!

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Join Chrissy and gang back in Moon Lake in the second novel in the series!


See what happens when a cardiologist comes to Moon Lake in search of her missing Fiancé.


Will he be the same when she finds him? 

Will Chrissy and Henry find love at last or will the forces in Moon Lake keep them apart for good?

Read the second installment to find out!

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Keatyn Rae Griffin has managed to push almost everyone out of her life. Everyone, including God.  


A turn of events causes Keatyn to travel home to Pensacola Beach. 


What happens when Keatyn crosses paths with Preacher, Gareth Davenport?


Will Keatyn's journey bring love and forgiveness back to her life?

Or will secrets drive Keatyn further away and cause her to harden her heart forever?