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  • Leah Brewer

Somebody Pinch Me!

I sit on my couch with my laptop staring back at me, almost judgingly. ARGH. Should I go through my book again to see if I missed anything? Should I hit the publish button? Better yet, the delete button.

No way am I not hitting that publish button. I have spent the past few months living in a world where vampires are real, and there’s no way I am deleting or walking away from this world! So I push my insecurities aside and click publish.

Then my heart sinks. I absolutely did not proofread my acknowledgment page and my note to readers page. And there are two mistakes. How could I have missed those two pages?!? Why did I hit publish? I should not have hit publish. Should I cry? Should I email Amazon in a panic? What do I do?

I am trying to come up with a plan when I realize I am human. I will make a mistake or two as I travel this road of fiction writing, and the good news is, I can fix the errors after the initial Amazon review! I can fix them and hit republish and move along with my life. I don’t have to get upset over two mistakes that can be easily fixed. Sure, those mistakes will delay the book release date, but that’s not the end of the world. It’s not like I have many people waiting for the book to be released. (Other than friends and family).

Once I accept the fact that I will make mistakes, it hits me. I am a published author. Wait. What. Am I a published author? YES! Quick, pinch me!

As I continue down this road, I hope you will join me in getting to know Henry and Chrissy, and the rest of the gang.

Many blessings,

Leah Brewer

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