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  • Leah Brewer

Not Smart Enough?

“I didn’t think you were smart enough to write a book.” The woman said as she looked me square in my face.

She didn’t think I was smart enough?!? What? Should I be mad? Offended? Should I walk out of the building and cry in my car? Or even tell her how the cow eat the cabbage?


Instead, I said, “I didn’t either.”

I have known the woman for many years, and I understood what she meant. She wasn’t trying to offend me or make me feel less than. On the contrary, she was serious and was paying me a compliment in her own way.

Writing has always been my dream, but I never felt like I could do it. I, too, didn’t think I was “smart” enough. Until one day, I simply decided to open up a page in Word and start typing. Then, I realized that I could dream about writing or dive in and give it my best shot!

It doesn’t matter if I become a best-selling author (that would be a bonus BIG TIME); I am now living my dream as a published author of a book that I loved writing. I am currently working on the second book in the series and have plans for several more. So, my dream continues!

Is there something you want to do but feel like you can’t for some reason or another? Do you feel like you aren’t quite “smart enough”? If so, I would encourage you to put aside your feelings of inadequacy and just try. Give it a go. Write that book. Sing that song. Apply for that job. Teach that class.

You will never be able to do anything you dream about if you never try. But, who knows – maybe you can do it. Or perhaps you can do better than you ever even imagined. The first step is believing in yourself enough to start.

I believe in you.

Many blessings,

Leah Brewer

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