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  • Leah Brewer

My Journey

It's hard to believe that I began my hobby of writing a little over a year ago. I never would’ve dreamed that I’d be set to publish my third book!

Writing my Moon Lake books was a fantastic journey, that’s for sure. But I was left wanting more. After I finished The Missing, I felt like something was missing. Haha

Seriously, I felt like I was missing out on something in my writing. Then it hit me as I cruised around Pensacola Beach this past February. I was surrounded by God’s Glory with the beauty of the sunset over the ocean, the sand, the trees, and everything else. My mind got to working, and I knew I had to write a journey series based in Pensacola Beach. And my main character had to be named Keatyn.

See, I had been wanting to include Keatyn in my writing but couldn’t bring myself to add her to my supernatural books. It wasn’t a big deal. I just wanted more for her character. And, boy, did I get it! She’s become a character I connect with on so many levels, and I can’t wait to write journeys that include Keatyn and her life!

I hope you’ll join Keatyn on her journey from Washington state back home to Pensacola Beach.

I plan to write several articles about Keatyn’s Journey and my journey as I penned this novel, designed the cover, and chose the sermons and biblical material for the book.

Please stay tuned!


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