Hobby to Real Job!

Growing up, you could typically find me somewhere (ok, anywhere), with a book in my hand. I loved LOVED reading. It took me places I could never go before and brought me such joy!

Writing my own books was a dream that always seemed out of reach. Until I heard 3 words from my Oncologist – “It was cancer.” Life for me changed after that. Suddenly, becoming a writer didn’t seem so far out. I mean, why not? I could sit around daydreaming of doing it or start typing.

You already know – I started typing, and I had a whole book before long! I was so excited! Maybe too excited. I jumped in and figured out a name and format, created a cover, and published. Hence, cover one was ok but not what I wanted. Shortly after, I redesigned the cover. I liked it! It was bright and catchy!

I’ve sold a few hundred books (downloads and paperback combined). Which is pretty good. But, I would like to have more than just a hobby. So, I got to researching. And oh boy. Guess what? I feel in my heart that I need to rename the first book and redesign the cover to look more professional. To look like it could be a best seller!

I know, I know. I need to stop. I need to pick my cover, pick a name and stick to it. Period. And I promise I will! Only one more change. Then, I will stick to it. I’ll be done. I’ll publish book two in the series and start on book three!

Thank you. I appreciate you for supporting me through this hobby that I pray will turn into a real job in a few years. It means so much!

Now, I better get myself to posting before I have to get to my actual real job… it’s almost 6am!



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