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Tragic events cause Keatyn Rae Griffin to leave home and become bitter. Over the years, she’s managed to push everyone but her brother, Alvin, out of her life. Everyone, including God.  


A turn of events causes Keatyn to travel home to Pensacola Beach. Home to the place where her life fell apart.


Gareth Davenport left his past behind and now lives a life obedient to God. When he crosses paths with Keatyn, he’s determined to help with her pilgrimage back to God.


Will Keatyn's journey bring love and forgiveness back to her life?


Will her journey lead her back to God?

Or will secrets from the past drive Keatyn further away and cause her to harden her heart forever?

Coming Soon: Sylvia's Journey!

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Leah Brewer is the author of The Hidden and The Missing (Moon Lake Series). She writes clean novels that anyone can read. Leah lives in Arkansas with her husband, Mark and family. 

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